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System Integration

In recent years, FAI has been working on large scale projects for various water districts in the southern California area.  Our approach is simple, give the customer what he wants at an affordable price.  Needing only a radio/communications survey, FAI can integrate any district at half the cost of industry standard.  FAI can provide all or part of the following:

  • Radio/Communications survey
  • Field investigation
  • Hardware and software design engineering
  • UL Control Panels
  • Installation and wiring
  • PLC Programming
  • HMI programming
  • Commissioning
  • FAI's Central Control Center Installation
    • PLC Data Concentrator for collecting remote data
    • Communications Median (Radio, Leased Line, Modem...)
    • Redundant HMI servers (RS View32 or Introuch)
    • MS SQL server for data storage and reporting (DHS report, custom setup...)
    • Operator Remote Notification (Spectre Instrument's Win911 or Wonderware's SCADAlarm integration)
  • Training
  • O&M's

We partner with local reputable companies to make sure our customers not only get the best hardware but the best support for their purchases. 


Service Name
Service Description

Services Offered:

  • PLC Programming (AB, Modicon, Opto 22, Siemens, GE
  • HMI Programming (RS View32, Intouch, Ignition, WinCC, Opto Display)
  • OnSite Field Service